Ecofin Cloud

The Cloud ERP that boosts your business.

What is Ecofin Cloud?

It’s a set of programs that can work jointly or separately.
- What does that mean?
Ecofin Cloud is sold in different modules which can be purchased independtly. For example the billing module, which you can bill as if it was a desktop program, but with the accounting module included, Ecofin Cloud will send all the bills made directly to accounting. And so will happen with Document management, Ecofin will file automatically all your bills.

What is it for?

Ecofin Cloud is made to help you, in you daily management of your bussines, with his different modules that will adjust on your departments. Configure the Ecofin Cloud that fits better your company needs. Manage the modules as the real growth of you company in an easy and quick way.

What is different?

Ecofin Cloud is a modular service in the cloud in which you could configure the modules that best comply to you company needs and manade the software that you need in junts one “click”.

Which languages are available?

At the moments it’s available in Spanish and English.

How does it work?

Ecofin Works through your network connection, connecting with the server. The network can be local in Ecofin MyCloud and it doesn’t need the customer internet connection to get into the server.

What do I need?

Just a device with Internet network and a browser.

Do I need to intall something?

No, Ecofin Cloud doesn’t call for install from your customers.

Is it available in my country?

Ecofin is a cloud service and it is accessible from any country. Which doesn’t mean that all the functions will be available in all the countries.

Do I have a help service?

All the services of Ecofin Cloud provide help assistant via Telegram. Writting @ecofinbot you can ask 24/7.

Why use an ERP?

A better management for the company is an increasingly need that makes it important to use management systems, which will optimize you company operating and automate much of the tasks that we do, reducing the time spend for them.

Can I use an ERP in any company?

Yes, all the companies can automate tasks to get a better operation. Many times a small company is the one that really needs to automate tasks so they can target on the most important, the customers.

Is it expensive to have an ERP?

Yes and no, actually it isn’t expensive as solutions as Ecofin Cloud SaaS are very attractive as it doesn’t require any hardware purchase, maintenance and electricity. That makes having an ERP closet o everyone’s reach. Also you always have the software updated withouth any costs.

Which kind of companies can use Ecofin Cloud?

Ecofin Cloud has no limitations, the users are the ones who decides which functions to use as repetitive tasks or punctual acctions, without bearing in mind if it will be used for one or more people in the same company. Ecofin Cloud is designed to expedite and optimize the function of the company adapting to the performance of itself.

What if my company grows?

Ecofin Cloud adapts to the company needs at every moment. If your company grows, Ecofin will grow with you. You will be able to register new users, new modules or even different companies.

Which is the difference between Ecofin Cloud SaaS and Ecofin MyCloud?

Ecofin Cloud SaaS is a rent service for use.
Ecofin MyCloud is a use license for install in the selected servers of your company.

When may I choose Ecofin MyCloud?

Ecofin My Cloud is designed for companies that whant to take control of his ERP and create his own private cloud, even for the high number of users that the company has or for the security requirements that the company requires.

Can Ecofin MyCloud be reachable from anywhere?

Yes and no, both answers are correct. It will depend on you company equipment IT configuration.

Can I buy Ecofin MyCloud and sell licensing?

No, Ecofin MyCloud is designed for companies. If what you want is to sell license you shoul be part of our partners team. But we can talk about that privately ;)

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