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Ecofin Consulting is a product specifically made for and intended solely for consulting uses. Ecofin aims to be the best ally for any consulting firm no matter its size. If you are a consulting firm and you are think of offering a new service, Ecofin Cloud is the solution. Ecofin Cloud is an ERP dedicated to enhancing relationships between clients and consultants, and facilitating administrative processing, allowing consultants to dedicate the necessary amount of time to each client. Ecofin strengthens your consulting firm.


Designed for companies that don't want to depend on technology, very flexible and easy to use.


Accounting is a burden for most companies. As if attending to customers, selling, managing orders, and many other tasks weren't enough, we also have to do the accounts, register sales invoices and supplier invoices, manage incoming and outgoing payments, chase up the odd absent-minded client and, of course, file taxes, always complying with any changes in legislation. Ecofin solves all your problems, so you can devote time to what matters the most, your business.

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Invoicing and T.A.S.

Invoicing has never been easier. This module is designed to reduce the time that any company spends on invoicing, as it creates one-off or recurring invoices in just a few clicks, so you can create an electronic invoice and perform all accounting activities without leaving this dashboard.

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Human Resources

Start managing your company workforce right now, make an appraisal of each employee and recruit the best candidate for each role within the company. Only with the best team can we secure the best results.

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The way we interact with our clients is what makes us stand out from the competition. Knowing how to cover the needs of our clients is overriding. With Ecofin Sales you'll cover both sales and after-sales, and you'll be able to optimise different components of the Customer Service and the Sales departments, the best system to secure more sales in your company.

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Purchases and Sales

Manage your purchases depending on company needs, whether for manufacturing or marketing, create a supply chain that allows you to improve turnaround times, and keep the ideal stock in the warehouse, buying at the right time. Optimise orders according to sales, leverage your stock and boost customer satisfaction and margins.

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Warehouse and Stock

No matter how large our warehouse is, it’s important to manage it efficiently. Manage your warehouse systems automatically.

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Document Management

Now any document will be overlooked. Once a document is entered into the document management system it will never be lost again. Save contracts, invoices, projects and all company information in a simple and efficient way.

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Project Management

Even the simplest of projects can end up being chaotic. Ecofin Projects is the ideal companion for any project to run like clockwork.

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Connect from anywhere, chat with any member of the company, review a document, confirm a sale, or carry out projects with a group. You'll have all the company resources wherever you need them.

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